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We're honored to have Rack-Lo, founder of the infamous Lo-Life crew, onboard as a FRANK151 columnist. Since the '80s Rack has been living that Double L life, putting two Ls up in the name of Love and Loyalty, while dipped head to toe in Polo Ralph Lauren.

Representing the American flag and red white and blue color schemes, we celebrated our July 4th holiday at South Street Seaport in New York City. Carrying on the Lo-Life fashion legacy in patriotic form, we collectively united on this great day, illustrating our love for the USA through fashion.

The Stars and Stripes theme was coordinated fantastically as all attendees were suited and draped in strictly Ralph Lauren garments, sticking to the event's dress code.

Various RL lines were visible, such as Polo, Polo Sport, Polo Country, and RLYC (Ralph Lauren Yacht Club). We were definitely set to make a fashion statement with this style of dress. The photo shoot was full of excitement as we also filmed a music video titled "Dressed to Kill" from my Polo Kings Vol. 3 mixtape series. The song captures me in Lo-Life braggadocios mode, laying the law regarding my fashion sense, longevity, dominance, and being a trendsetter and trailblazer.

As we canvassed the Seaport, we became the main attraction. Many bystanders, pedestrians, and especially tourists stared at us in amazement as we handled business on the scene. Tourists snapped photos, observed, and even participated as extras on the video shoot. Who would have thought that our day of fashion history would instantly impact others, causing them to have a good time, bringing smiles to their faces?

Since the Lo-Life family came into existence, we have operated as an independent force that has year after year remained relevant with commercial and mainstream appeal. I think this is one of the main reasons for our long-term relevance and success. We are consistently raising the stakes in the culture, always leading by example setting the tone for many to follow.

We concluded the event by posing for photos at the pier, where ships and boats were stationed and docked. This event will most definitely go down in Lo-Life fashion entertainment history. It turned out to be a very nice day weather-wise, and a joyous memorable experience for all those who participated. Long live the originators and founders!

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