Ralph Lauren not only wear men: the beginning of the Lo-Life (FRANK151 JAPAN)

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Infamous Lo-Life we honored that I had the current column to the writing to the crew of the founder Rack Lo. Rack that clad in a body ahead from to foot Polo Ralph Lauren's head, it continues to vow love and loyalty to the Lo-Lifes from the 80s.


Before becoming a crew that Lo Life's, I was two separate crew. It's theft population of Ralphie Kids Toka Get Money theft population of St John's, which has been referred to as the Crew and the United Shoplifters Association commonly known as USA and called have been Marcus Garvey Village.


From it yourself there was a experience that lived in either region, was to play a role result of connecting the two crew. To begin in earnest theft in 1980 will be located in the Crown Heights in Brooklyn, Rochester and Buffalo myself who lived in a place called St John's, which is between the Place, he began dabbling in crime in the region, as at that time I remember I did a variety of things from a larger work to small work. Which also was a boy jail level of crime if grabbed.


At that time, in that it could do while youngster you have everything out a hand, but had lived for many years in St John's, it becomes able to move to the home of grandparents living in the Marcus Garvey Village of Brownsville, this is to integrate two of theft crew it became an opportunity.

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Crew Ralphie Kids and the United Shoplifters Association to share a close fashion sense to wear an item of each other common Polo is also able to come across in the city, it had been interesting observation to know each other. Even met at a location deviated from the area where their lives, it is not performing the theft together, but are also said to diminish each other rather ploy had been conceived, and not mean was performed after all, no remaining evidence. Together here and there, it might have met to take a photo but this era that it was not carrying out the theft together, I have entered into between the two crew in 1988 *The Lo-Lifes to integrate as It was. Was a its name perfection that contains the common goal of the two crew, have expressed the Lo (meaning of Polo) lifestyle and fashion sense to wear the clothes of more than 95% Ralph Lauren, "Low Down and Dirty "That is what you want, even dirty hands had also represent a lifestyle of only ourselves that to get.


Then not only the element that it is the Lo-Life Fashion and theft, that the thing to live, and became a bond that has vowed to mind. Even did not have to wear it until now die clothes Polo, it became the Lo-Lifes forever.

I found that too like street life and fashion, he devoted to expressing the sense to have the their own to be exposed to the risk of their freedom. The ingenuity at any time in that it was decided that their'll do, was completed by the addition of the unique touch of my own us.

Though time was never would have wanted to Nante revolutionize the history of fashion that has caused chaos in the city, Lo-Lifes to be surprised is revolutionizing the fashion to express the things that their feel, to hip-hop culture It has contributed significantly. And stemming from this everyday it was forced to do it as a survival of the order to a life for themselves, Brooklyn NY of the mentality of this age of the world Kids, like a wildfire in the captivated the young adults from Teen It was rampant in.


Written by Rack-Lo
Curated and Translated by Akeem the Dream




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